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  1. All copyright of “Hezarfen Aviation Meteorology Internet Service” belong to “Turkish State Meteorology Service.
  2. Information are given by the users (user name, address, etc.) will be used communication and determine of request for service and our establishment accept that privacy and commitment of this information.
  3. E-mail addresses will be used preferably. Therefore, users commitment that accuracy of their information. Responsibility of inform to our establishment about vicissitudes and update of user information belong to user.
  4. This service which is given on internet, variety of information and products, continuity, actuality and procedure about inspection under initiative of our service.
  5. Numerical weather products which are given on our internet service, produced by MM5-V3 model. This products are used for short and middle range forecast. Preparing the weather forecasting report, not only MM5 products several kind of products ( radar, satellite, weather chart, etc.) are used. Thereof, differences can be between model and forecasting products. User can not make any supplement request over national and international standardization about forecasting.
  6. Turkish State Meteorology Service has not any responsibility for damages, hazards, breakdown and delay after using products which are taken from our internet service. User, can not demand any compensation for this.
  7. 7- Information and products which are taken from our internet service, can not use as a official record or document. If you need any official information, you can ask it from meteorology service formally.
  8. Users, commitment that do not give the information and products to the third person which are taken from our service. If our service exposed to lawful and commercial rights of lost, after a user give the information and products to the third person, user accept that compensate this lost.
  9. This contract could be cancelled by one sided. (Turkish State Meteorology Service or a user can make cancelling).
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